“Practical helpful ideas to parent your child with connection and joy!” – Kelly Simms

“I now have a fresh perspective on parenting using positive techniques. I learned that all behavior is driven by healthy needs.” – Sarah H.

“This training has given me new tools and different ideas to try parenting-wise. It has increased my confidence!” – Rachel L.

“Both my husband and I were raised in a traditional parenting household where parental power of the child rules all things. It just wasn’t working for us and we were desperate to find a better way to get along with our kids. I’ve gone from saying NO all the time to saying YES. It feels so good to have all the negativity melt away. My kids, 6 and 2, and I are getting along better than ever. They actually listen to me and I’m finding so much more joy in our relationships. If you are looking for help having a deeper connection with your kids, stop looking. This is your answer!”

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Summer Weston-Brown, mother of two kids

“Heartfelt, thought-provoking insight that leaves one feeling empowered and looking in new directions. Evie is a guide that is there for you! – Feroshia Knight

“This workshop has made me more aware of my actions regarding my kids. I now take more time to consider their perspective.” – Angela Newton

“Often people say they have goals, and things they want to accomplish. Evie is a woman who sets her mind to something, and completely follows through. She has taken her passion for serving children into helping parents learn ways of communicating and connecting with their children. 

She’s committed, professional, organized and passionate in her approach with children and parents. Evie is so patient, kind and warm, all the while able to teach parents meaningful skills to help be the best parent they can be, while honoring each child’s individual, unique needs. Evie’s kindness and gentle spirit shines in all she does. She approaches problems in a very calm, compassionate manner and is an absolute joy to work with. Her humor, combined with her ability to connect powerfully with others makes her a wonderful fit for working with families.

Evie’s approach to teaching parents how to truly connect with their children is priceless. When it comes to family, Evie will empathically listen to your needs, and make learning and understanding your children a very positive experience. Evie’s parenting program is comprehensive. She will not only have various skills and modules for you to work on, she also has personal coaching sessions to focus on your families particular needs. It’s not a “one size fits all” program, it’s truly specialized and unique to each parents needs. I absolutely give my stamp of approval and two thumbs up all the way!”

Dr. Kelly Boyd, Licensed Psychologist Center for Counseling & Reproductive Psychology

“Evie’s insights are soulful and spot on. She gently guides learning and discovery with grace and ease – what an impact this has had on my personal growth!” – Deanna L.

“Fully present, life giving focus and depth of creativity. If this is what you are looking for in a coach then Evie is the person for you!” – Jhorna Hochstedler

“I now look at my parenting from a different angle. I appreciated the understanding and non-judgmental perspective Evie brings to her coaching.” – Melissa G.

“The insights and flow of Evie’s coaching process provided me with great clarity and empowerment, thus creating a lasting impactful shift towards new beliefs!” – Thomas B.

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