“Practical helpful ideas to parent your child with connection and joy!” – Kelly Simms

“I now have a fresh perspective on parenting using positive techniques. I learned that all behavior is driven by healthy needs.” – Sarah H.

“This training has given me new tools and different ideas to try parenting-wise. It has increased my confidence!” – Rachel L.

“Heartfelt, thought-provoking insight that leaves one feeling empowered and looking in new directions. Evie is a guide that is there for you! – Feroshia Knight

“This workshop has made me more aware of my actions regarding my kids. I now take more time to consider their perspective.” – Angela Newton

“Evie’s insights are soulful and spot on. She gently guides learning and discovery with grace and ease – what an impact this has had on my personal growth!” – Deanna L.

“Fully present, life giving focus and depth of creativity. If this is what you are looking for in a coach then Evie is the person for you!” – Jhorna Hochstedler

“I now look at my parenting from a different angle. I appreciated the understanding and non-judgmental perspective Evie brings to her coaching.” – Melissa G.

“The insights and flow of Evie’s coaching process provided me with great clarity and empowerment, thus creating a lasting impactful shift towards new beliefs!” – Thomas B.