Meltdown Makeover Consultation

Is your child defiant, argumentative and rude? Do you feel like a failure because traditional methods aren’t working but you aren’t sure what else to do?

Well, you have come to the right place! My primary focus is working with parents who have strong willed and highly sensitive children. These children do not usually accept a traditional kind of parenting method, that is where I come in.

In this 30 minute consultation we will talk in detail about your child’s meltdowns, power struggles and defiance.

Once we uncover all of the issues, I will create a customized package based on your family’s needs and goals that we can begin putting into place immediately if you are interested.

My work is results based, very effective and is a proactive approach to parenting. You will be learning skills that can transform your relationship with your child by turning the chaos into connection.

Save yourself the frustration and sleepless nights of trying to navigate this on your own. Let’s work together by addressing the core issues and creating a plan to get you a more connected, cooperative and conscious relationship with your child!

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