If you are curious about what it might be like working with Evie, take a listen to these podcast interviews!

Evie shares candid, raw and authentic wisdom about how we oftentimes get trapped by the idea that we must control our children to make ourselves look good as parents and how strong willed children are a gift for healing deeply rooted baggage.

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Listen to a candid conversation about parenting. You might hear some counter intuitive things like not making your child share or focusing on the needs behind the child’s behavior rather than the behavior itself. Evie and Sarah Walters discuss in detail how traditional parenting styles set us up for failure with our children. Set up a session today to see how Evie can help you create more connection with your children!

Evie had a coaching session with Sarah Walters from BLOOM podcast after her first interview. Sarah wanted to discuss struggles she was having with her strong willed 5 year old daughter. In this podcast episode, Sarah shares how Evie’s tips and insights transformed Sarah’s connection with her daughter on a deep level. Evie also shares some very personal experiences from her own life as a mom in a raw, real, open and honest conversation about conscious and creative parenting.

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