About Evie

Speaker and Parent Coach
Specializing in Mindset Shifts and Effective Communication

Welcome! My name is Evie Vieira, I am a wife, bio mother and step mother who is passionate about teaching parents the skills they need to successfully raise children who are strong willed and/or highly sensitive.

When I began my parenting journey 8 years ago, I was desperate for change! I was so sick of the nagging, fights, disconnection and disharmony.

I was frantically looking for answers so I read every parenting book I could get my hands on, attended parenting workshops and trainings and quickly discovered the power of MINDSET and EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. I began to shift my thinking and communicate differently with our strong willed and highly sensitive kids and everything changed! We still have issues like every family but now we have the SKILLS to problem solve together.

Eventually I received a Parent Coaching Certification with Jai Institute for Parenting and started my journey as a coach and speaker. My passion is to help parents like you who are struggling with their child’s behavior to gain the skills, understanding, language and mindset shift to transform your relationship and household!

Please schedule a FREE Breakthrough Session with me if you are seeking resources and support. My passion to teach parents everything I’ve learned so they don’t have to experience the confusion, disconnection and heartache we experienced early on in our journey.

What kind of relationship would you like to have with your child? Set up an appointment and let me help you make a plan to get there.