Do you have a strong willed child?

Raising a strong willed child or highly sensitive child can bring on meltdowns, mayhem and madness leaving you feeling like a failure.

They can be so demanding, stubborn, defiant and can turn even the simplest of requests into a full on yelling match. I know what it’s like to be exhausted and worn down by the constant nagging, fighting and yelling. I know what its like to go to bed at night ridden with guilt but not having a clue what to do to get a different result with my child.

When I first began my journey, I was a big believer in the Traditional Parenting mindset: Parents make rules, children obey rules, children are disciplined when rules are broken.

I was very rigid and strict in my philosophy because thats what I thought a good mom should do. The more I tried to control, the more push back and attitude I got. I felt like a failure as a mom. I wanted to do better, so I began my journey… and I soon discovered that it was neither me nor my child that was the problem; it was my parenting MINDSET.

Once I learned how to shift my mindset and expectations, and use more effective communication skills, everything changed for our family.

Power struggles soon turned into conversations with resolutions. The kids were more cooperative and there was more peace in our home. Don’t get me wrong: it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows after that. We still have new issues to address all the time!

However, we are now equipped with the skills to solve issues that come up TOGETHER with our children, in a healthy and productive way.

Today, I work with parents just like you who are at their wit’s end with the yelling, bribing, coercing, backtalk and power struggles. I teach practical – and often unconventional – approaches that help you to build UNDERSTANDING and CONNECTION with your child.

There is no magic pill that can fix your child’s behavior (yes, I’ve googled it too!) but there are very simple and effective things you can do to end the cycle of CONTROLLING your child’s behavior and start CONNECTING to meet your child’s needs.

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